How to extend the life of your wallpaper

If looked after well, your wallpaper can last up to 15 years. Here is how you can improve its life.

1. Smooth and clean your wall before installation

A smooth wall means that your wallpaper will stick well. Bumps and holes in the wall may show up in your wallpaper over time. Air pockets especially can cause sagging.

Fill the holes in the wall with spackling or wall joint compound, and use sandpaper to rub down any bumps.

24 to 48 hours before installation, clean your wall to improve adhesion. You can use any strong soap to remove buildup.

2. Be selective where you use PVC versus Non-woven wallpaper

PVC wallpaper has a layer of plastic, which makes it more durable than non-woven paper. PVC is also washable, while non-woven is not.

Choose PVC in areas with high traffic or where children play, such as hallways and kids’ rooms. Non-woven paper cannot be easily cleaned once dirty.

3. Get your wallpaper professionally installed (or learn how to do it properly)

Different types and weights of wallpaper require different amounts of adhesive, different levels of adhesive dilution with water, and different soak times for the adhesive to settle on the wall before wallpaper is applied.

Since getting all of this right requires experience, it’s best to have a professional install the wallpaper.

4. Regular dusting

Dusting your walls every few months will prevent the wallpaper from being weighed down by dust. You can either use a vacuum with a wallpaper brush attached to the end, or a microfibre towel hung at the end of your broom.

When dusting, wipe gently and up and down vertically. Side to side movement can cause strain on the wallpaper.

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