Wallpaper trends: 2022

Want to make sure your home is ahead of the trends? Here’s what is cool in 2022.

1. Nature’s beauty

The last decade saw many restaurants and cafes take on a ‘naturalistic’ look, covering walls with flowers and plants.

This aesthetic is now moving into homes! People are creating that lush look right in their rooms. Choose plants, trees and flowers to get the same feel.Plant design from our MONACO catalogue.





2. Fabric-like textures

The pandemic meant people spent more time at home, and wanted a cosy feel. People are creating this by using textured wallpaper that looks like fabric. Get the warm and fuzzy feeling with this look in 2022.Textured wallpaper from our MONACO catalogue

3. Dark and romantic

Luxury is becoming associated with dark tones. Elevate your rooms by choosing some dark browns and blues that create a moody, romantic feeling in your home.Royal damask design in our INDUS catalogue






4. Maximalism

Minimalism was so 2021. For next year, people are demanding big designs and bright colours that fill up the space and increase the vibrancy! Do the same for your walls, and bring the rainbow into your life.


Vibrant colours from our MONACO catalogue

Our recent collections INDUS and MONACO have a range of wallpaper designs so that you can get on top of 2022 trends. From plants, florals and textures, we have everything you need to upgrade your home or office.

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